From : Fairplay, CO


To: The Adobe at the Dream Stream Retreat, 6728 County Road 59, (719) 748-3800


1.) Begin at Fairplay, CO at the intersection of Hwy. 285 and Hwy. 9 and go Southeast for 17.2 miles to Hwy. 24

2.) Turn left on Hwy. 24 and go East for 11.6 miles to Co. Rd. 23 

3.) Turn right on Co. Rd. 23 and go South for 2.8 miles to Co. Rd. 59 

4.) Turn left on Co. Rd. 59 and go 2.4 miles to the first right (still Co. Rd. 59)

5.) Turn right on Co. Rd. 59 and go 9.3 miles (11-Mile Reservoir will be on your left) to the first private driveway on the left after you leave the State Park

6.) Follow the driveway left and take that drive up to The Adobe